some bloglovin'

as you are probably all aware, google reader is shutting down on Monday, and if like me, you have used it to follow blogs you love then having to change seems really annoying (I know, we fear change!! haha!) I have dabbled with bloglovin for a few years, as a good way of keeping a note of the blogs I couldn't follow with google-friends-connect, but I never regularly checked it.

I have recently transferred my full google-reader list over to bloglovin and after getting the app again on my iPad (I had it, but as I never used it, I deleted it) I am all ready for the switch over ... if you are a google-reader reader, then I hope you will still follow my blog ... its on blogloving, just search mariainthewood :)

you can also follow my other blogs on there too ...

friendship vignette :: photo fun

and maria loves :: because life is a funny thing

have a happy Thursday xxx
oh, PS did I tell you I am off on an adventure on Monday? my lovely cousin and I are going to Wimbledon! :D .... am so excited!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx