whats in my make-up bag

I am not a huge make-up wearer ... but if I am going out or know someone is popping over I will slap on a little, so I thought I would just show you what is in my make-up bag ...

1. Brun Rose lip stick from Bourjois
2. Brown fast stroke eye liner from Collection 2000
3. Lightening Touch concealer  from The Body Shop
4. Summer Cubes Pallet eye shadow from The Body Shop
5. Rose perfume from Marks and Spencer

The lip stick is a perfect shade for me and actually lives in my handbag (just in case I need it!) ... the eye liner is so easy to apply. I started off with the black one but found it to severe and much prefer the brown. I have used the lightening wand for many many years ... its great for making the permanent shadows under my eyes appear less and sometimes even disappear! I have a few different eye shadow pallets from the body shop ... I seemed to go to a lot of body shop parties at one time and so have ended up with 4 different ones, but this pinky/purple one is my favourite! Speaking of favorites, the only perfume I ever wear is rose, this one is from Marks and Spencer and I totally love it :)

do you bother with make up? if so what are your total favorites that you can't live without?


  1. I have one of those Body Shop eyeshadow palettes, in smoky colours. I find it a bit rubbish to be honest, not opaque enough :(

    1. aww, I quite like mine, seems to work for my colouring :)


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