a new little owl

some of you may have noticed that my little owl has had a little make-over ... not too much of a change as I loved how it was before, but I wanted it to fit in with my paintings and the goodies I sell ... so here it is ...


I am working my way through up-dating everything but I think its going to take a little while as there are lots of greetings card backs to edit, and packaging to change ... I have decided to have a nice big SALE this winter to clear stock with the old logo on and to make some room for when baby-bump arrives in April ... this SALE will mostly be in my Folksy shop, and some in my on-line shop.

if you are interested in anything that I haven't reduced, please just ask as it maybe going to be reduced, but I hadn't got to it yet! It will mostly be greetings cards, some of the jewellery and a few other bits.


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx