my new love :: essential oils

I thought I would share with you where I have been the last few months as I have’t really been on here. I have been busy though and my life has taken a bit of a turn that I wasn’t expecting, but I am very excited about!

Back in March I was looking for some natural pain relief for my fibromyalgia and came across a blog where she talked about using essential oil blends and how much they helped her. She explained what she used and how, so I bought a great book on essential oils and aromatherapy, some oils and some bottles and made myself a pain relief blend. And do you know what? . . . it worked! . . . and its totally natural and organic, which is what I wanted!

I invested in a diffuser. I’m not sure if you know, with fibromyalgia, as well as panic attacks, you can get sensory overload, which I get often with sound. If the dogs are barking, Billy’s making a noise, Steve’s trying to talk to me and I am doing something, I can’t cope, it feels like something is flickering really fast across my eyes and face and I just have to get out of there. What I discovered when I got the diffuser was there were some oils that when diffused, really help with calming and emotional support, stress and panic. I can honestly say the diffuser is on every day that I am home and we even have it on at night to help with sleep. Steve was pretty skeptical, thinking that it was all in my head that it was working, untill he got a really nasty cough. Diffusing at night helped him stop coughing enough to sleep.

I started to make some blends for different things for friends and family, and decided I would like to do an aromatherapy course, so I really knew what I was doing and talking about. One of the blends I made was for arthritis. Steve and my mum both have it in their finger/fingers. Mum was also pretty skeptical but put some on her finger before bed, she text me the next morning to say she had woken to NO pain in that finger, and that night she was going to be putting it on ALL her fingers! Steve put it on his one finger, but I didn’t ask him if it had worked, so was amazed to over hear him chatting to his friend about a week later saying that it was ‘bloody good stuff and had really worked!’ I couldn’t believe it! Steve's sister and my auntie have also tried it and it worked for them too! It seems to help for about 5 days before they need to put it on again. I have done quite a few different blends, from insomnia, eczema, age spots, psoriasis, muscular aches and pains, mature skin to itching. I am so thrilled with the results and am loving the course I have started!

So my life has gone in a bit of a direction I never expected it to! BUT I LOVE IT :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx