I had the most lovely day shopping with my mum in Hereford today. I did go with a bit of a list ... things that I can't get in Leominster, including some new bras, which I am not going to post pics of (sorry guys!) but they are very pretty ... one is red and pink :D ... the reason I mention them is because if you take a M&S item to Oxfam then they give you a £5 voucher for M&S (you do have to spend £35 to get it off ... hence stocking up new bras's, but its still great) I also managed to get a birthday present for one of my many lovely sister-in-laws. I popped into superdrug and got a beauty card (this is basically a loyalty card, but with a cool mirror on the front! ~ 10 points for every £1 spent and 100 points is worth £1 off your goodies) I know loyalty cards are either loved or hated, but I can't complain with what I have bought with my boots points! .... anyway enough of that ... on to the goodies! .... what else have I been buying? ...

... some treasures

... some pretty bargains! This lovely ring is from Primark ... only £2 ... sadly got a size that is a bit big, so may have to get a smaller one next time I go into Hereford as it will go perfectly with my outfit for my cousins wedding in August.

... a tiny camera necklace (I know, another one!) but I just love them ... only £1.50 (Primark again!) I think I will add it to my charm bracelet.

I couldn't resist this tiny little brooch for my bag ... guess how much ... £1!!!! ... guess where from .... yep Primark ... such a bargain!

and in my bid to actually do something with my hair and wear a flower in it every day I also got this pair of sweet hairbands ... £2.50 for the pair ... feel like I am becoming a Primark advert here!!

... and this set of stacking rings were £2.99 from ... New Look (nearly had you there didn't I!!) I love stacking rings ... well rings are 'my one weakness' after all! I love them as you can wear them individually for a delicate look or all together, or mix and match depending what mood you are in.

I also got a little something else, but I will save that for next weeks Magpie Monday :)
I hope you all had a great day ... back to studying tomorrow!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx