up whimble

yesterday my parents came over with my brother and his wife and we went for a lovely walk up whimble.

it was up, up, up but we made it and although a little over cast, we could see for miles and we could see all the way round ... we were on top of the world!

on the way back we called in on break-its-neck-falls ... Steve took me there on our first date, so it will always be a special place.

dilly-dog had got herself covered (and I mean covered) in mud at whimble, so I had hoped that she would wash herself off at the waterfall, but she decided that it was too cold, or too fast moving and so we ended up with a muddy smelly dog to take home :(

after a bath and a comb and cutting off half her hair cos of the seeds attached to her (ok, not half, but a big clump that wouldn't comb out) she snuggled down x

steve and I popped out today and I managed to snap on my phone where we had walked yesterday ...

it was so lovely to see my brother and his wife ... it always makes me wish family lived nearer x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx