an owl-y christmas

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day, we did ... very very chilled but really lovely ... I spent Christmas eve evening making crackers ... I had planned to make them earlier but it ended up being a last minute job ... I had bought little gifts for everyone and then wrote out some jokes too. The bangers I bought from eBay were great ... gave quite a bang!

I couldn't believe it when we woke up and it was snowing!! a white Christmas ... it couldn't have been any more perfect!

mum and dad made it over and after opening some presents and having a lovely beef roast and then opening some more presents we took the wooflet out for a walk

I love this tree ... can you tell its windy here!! ;)

I got some really lovely gifts too ...
this lovely love hook is perfect for our dressing-gowns!

Steve bought me a weather station which he put up today ... I am looking forward to keeping a note of the weather we have here (I know thats probably pretty sad, but I find it fun!)

how great are these, coasters painted by my brother ... I love them!!!

Steve also bought me some rustic owl ones ... as my sister-in-law, Bex says, you can never have too many coasters!!

I also got those glasses I told you about from ikea ... I love coloured glass!

a scrummy owl mug from my sister-in-law and a beautiful owl scarf from Steves sister :)

a slow cooker from my auntie that I can't wait to try!

a gorgeously warm poncho made for me by my cousin ... I am wearing it now ... don't think I will be taking it off any time soon!

and lots of other lovely bits and bobs ... including a beautiful leaf print dish and glass decoration with a tree silhouette ... I thought I had taken a photo of them, but don't seem to have :(

I wanted to show you this lovely card made by Steve's niece ... do you think everyone now knows I love owls??!! haha ... I love it x

I hope everyone is having a lovely time, I am looking forward to seeing more family over the next week and am loving our first Christmas in our lovely cosy cabin!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx