a tiny bit of weaving

Yesterday we went to Wonderwool Wales. I have been a few times now over the years and have loved it each time!!

Here is my stash of goodies ...

I spent more than I had planned ;)

I bought a new pin loom and some weaving sticks. Some lovely olive green rope for Macrame, some gorgeous rainbow wool and a tiny weaving frame!

This morning I decided to put off starting the week by doing a little bit of weaving on the tiny frame!

It came with some merino yarn, but I have also added some odd bits of wool that went well.

You can keep the weaving on the frame, but I decided to take it so I can use it again.

I have hung it in my hall, where I have a few odd bits and bobs hanging  :)

These lovely little frames are available from The Wool Couture Company, check out their website as they have some lovely bits! The Macrame cord was from there too!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx