I love reading, disappearing into a book ... being lost in another world, another life.

I haven't had much chance to read much since Billy has been born, but thats ok, this season of my life just means that the pile of books by my bed is high!
 These are some of the books and authors I love ...

 Growing up, Anne of Green Gables and all the rest of L.M. Montgomery's books, fed my soul and imagination. They really shaped my teenage dreams.

I loved the movies by Kevin Sullivan and they have remained a favourite of my DVD collection and I ended up getting all the Road To Avonlea DVD's too!

If you haven't read Anne-with-an-e, you must!
Anne is full of passion and fight and is a great main character who you can totally relate to!
The other wonderful characters are ones you really wish you knew in real life.

These books are ones I will treasure forever ... I have also got them on my Kindle so with me if I go away :)

 Sabriel, Lirael & Abhorsen by GARTH NIX
Recommended by my sister in law, these have been the best books I have read in many years. Full of adventure and fantasy, they would make brilliant films!
Can't wait to read more Garth Nix.

Hadassa by
This gripping book follows the story of Esther and how she wins the heart of a king. I found this book very absorbing and also relevant to today even though it is set in Old Testament times.
Very inspiring lovely book!

The Book Of Lost Things by
A fairy story for adults - monsters and princes. wolves and evil men. I couldn't put it down! This book is not a light fairy tale read, its more like the original dark fairy tales that have since evolved into light and fluffy stories. This story follows a boys adventure in a different world that he gets into through a door in the garden of the old house he has just moved to. He is on a mission to save his little brother. Totally gripping, I was lost in John Connolly's other world.

Beauty by
My favourite story as a child (and probably still is) is Beauty and the Beast, so I was very excited when I discovered Robin McKinley ... not only had she written a Beauty and the Beast story, but she had written 2!
I LOVE this book ... the romance is beautiful and I really didn't want to finish it, I wanted to stay in the story forever.

Rose Daughter by ROBIN MCKINLEY
In this version of Beauty and the Beast, Robin manages to make to very different to her other Beauty and the Beast story 'Beauty'. I can't decide which I prefer. They are both lovely and will remain treasured books that I will want to read again.
A lovely bit of escapism!

The Ragwitch by GARTH NIX
Brilliant by quite scary! I know Garth Nix's books are for young adults, but some are very dark. There are a few disturbing ideas, but I really enjoyed it. Felt sad when it ended that it is a book on its own, with no sequel.

The Earthsea Quartet by URSULA LE GUIN
My mum has had these books on her bookshelf since I was little and I knew vaguely what they were about .... a young wizard from the Island of Gont calls something from another place into the world and spends years trying to defeat it. My favourite of the 4 books is the second one, The Tombs of Atuan ~ but they are all brilliant and I would defiantly recommend them to anyone that likes a bit of fantasy!

Very Moving. After the kidnap & murder of his youngest daughter, Mack is sent a message to go to a shack in the middle of nowhere. With great trepidation he goes, only to meet God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. The weekend he spends with them is both painful and beautiful. This has been so beautifully written & really shows God's heart in our pain. A very hard subject to write about, but done so wonderful that it can't fail to touch you.

The Keys To The Kingdom by GARTH NIX
Gripped from the beginning, this great series of books follows the weird week that a young boy has when he finds himself holding one of the keys to the house that is very different from any house anyone has been in. The books get better and better as the week goes on and surprisingly I enjoyed Sir Thursday more than I thought I would.

This is the best book I have read for ages ... totally gripping. Quite dark but BRILLIANT!
It is about a man who's in a car crash & totally burnt all over. Whenever I scald myself with boiling water (which I do quite often!) I will now never feel like I can complain .... this book is very surprising ... it sound so depressing but is full of magic and history! It isn't for everyone though as it is very heavy going, but if you do read it, it will leave its mark on you.

The Blue Sword, The Hero And The Crown by ROBIN MCKINLEY
After enjoying Robin McKinley's Beauty and the Beast books so much, I was delighted when I got these for Christmas. Another set of book from Robin McKinley that I couldn't put down. Both books from this series would make lovely films.
The Hero & The Crown: It is a about a girl who is kidnapped by a warrior King. She soon learns their ways and discovers a link to them she never knew she had.
The Blue Sword: Set hundreds of years before The Hero & The Crown, this book follows the life of another girl, the original owner of the blue sword.

Spindles End by ROBIN MCKINLEY
I was so excited to start this book. I have loved every one of Robin McKinley's books that I have read so far and this adaptation of Sleeping Beauty was no disappointment. I read late into the night and didn't want to turn out the light. If you love fairy tails you will love this book, full of magic, family, great characters and romance.

This lovely book has been a joy to read. I love how easy Robin Mckinly books are to get into. If you love horses, princesses and a bit of fantasy then this is the book for you.

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency by ALEXANDER MACALL SMITH
My mum gave me these books a couple of years ago and I have only just worked my way through them. They are lovely very easy to read books that you will read with a Botswana accent.
They are full of old honest values and the characters are all lovely. There are more than these 6 in the series, but I have only got these few but will be getting the rest from the library soon!