I am in love

well this has to be the best day ever ... EVER!!

I got her ... little Dilly-dog ... her name totally suits her ... I am sitting here with her on my lap and her head resting on my laptop ... I have just emailed my Auntie 'guess what I have' kinda email :D

Bex, my sister in law came with me to pick her up ... I called her late last night, squealed down the phone, so they all came over here this morning ... Bex and I went over to visit her and pay a deposit ... we then raced into town and I spent a small fortune buying doggy things ... crate, bed, food, lead, bowls etc ... I was very excited ... we then popped home for a quick lunch and back to pick her up. Bex held her as I was driving and she was so good (dilly-dog was too! haha!!!) ... mind you its only about 10 mins down the road.

Once back home we all went out into the garden to watch her explore ...

I am a bit worried about letting her out at night ... will she come back when I call her and it will be dark and I wont be able to find her ... but oh, she is so sweet and good and hardly had any accidents ... I LOVE HER!!

(these last couple are taken on my phone)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx