so I emailed Dilly's breeders a few days ago to ask if they had any photos of her when she was even more teeny-weeny than she is now ... and they sent me these ... this was her the day she was born ... look she had that little white fleck on the top of her head and the white patch on her nose ...
this was the whole litter, 3 girls and 4 boys ... Dilly is the little brown one in the middle half lying on her big brother ... or is that big sister ... you can see the little fleck on the top of her head there too :)
she also sent me a photo of her mum and dad ... Jess is the one looking back ... you can see she is pregnant ... and Digby is the one looking forward ... good looking couple eh!! haha
I am so pleased to have these photos ... its amazing to see how much she has grown in 8 weeks


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx