another puppy

no, not for me!!

I have been telling my friend Teri what a blessing Dilly-dog is to my life, and she had decided she would love a puppy/dog too ... so I have been helping her search for one. She wants a Cornish puppy, and this evening Bex, my sister-in-law, and I went to check one out ... check one out and fall in love ...

This is her ...

her mother is a Springer Spaniel but her father is from the neighbouring farm and is Border Collie. You can see she has pretty marking on her neck.

Teri is going to come down to stay in a few weeks to pick her up ... its going to be great fun!!

there were lots of puppies .... most of them had been chosen to go to new homes already, but there were a few boys left and this one girl that Teri is having. They will be ready to leave their mother in 2 weeks.

You can't beat an evening of puppy cuddling!


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