tired morning

Well after not going to bed till 3 am and then reading for another hour (I know, WHY?) I managed to crawl out of bed at 10.30 this morning - the latest I have slept in for ages, but I'm still exhausted. My own fault.

Dilly is asleep by my feet and I am making some more (yes its never ending!) jewellery so that I can go and sell it on Monday. We (mum is coming too) are going to St Ives. It will hopefully be a good day :)

I love St.Ives, I have a couple of shops that I sell to there and it so much feels like being on holiday while we are there that I am sure we will stop somewhere for a nice cup of tea and maybe an ice cream! I know I sometimes take living in this beautiful county for granted ... I spent a birthday in St.Ives I seem to remember, I think a seagull nicked my pastie!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx