we are in

well we are all settled in ... East Sussex is very different from Cornwall ... we are used to quiet country lanes and there is so much traffic here ... we have done a bit of exploring ... unpacked ... walked on the downs and the beach ... visited my Gran who lives an hour away ... had visitors ... and loved the sunshine!

I have been taking it easy the last couple of weeks on the work front ... like a mini holiday ... only working half days and unpacking the other half!

We have a great pantry cupboard which is like a little walk in room ... great storage space!!

The garden is amazing ... it has been a bit neglected, but is so pretty, especially at the back of the house where there are roses growing up the wall and over the door. We have met the neighbours on one side and they are a really sweet retired couple. There is also a little post office 5 mins walk away, so perfect for my daily trips with the post.

The beach is not what we would call a beach, being spoilt by the Cornish beaches ... but it has a nostalgic charm and is only about 10 minute walk away.

Dilly-dog has already found her favourite spot ... by the front door is a little window and the window sil is just the right size for her to lie and watch and wait for anyone who may come-a-calling!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx