Kara and Fred

The children in Kara's class at school take it in turns to take home 'Fred' ... Fred is a soft toy doggy and they have to document his evening with them ... today was Kara's turn ...

Fred and Kara played in the garden. Fred met the goldfish, he wanted to jump in and swim with them, but it was a bit cold so instead he played ball with Kara’s dog Dilly.

After playing in the garden Kara and Fred watched some T.V. and played in Kara’s bedroom. Fred thought it was a bit too pink and girly for him.
Dilly shared her tea with Fred and he thought it was yummy!
Then is was time to go to bed. Fred read Kara a story and then she read Fred a story.

Fred thought he should sleep in Dilly’s bed as she was a dog like him, but she didn’t stay there long and Fred was all alone.

Kara got into bed with him, but it was very uncomfortable, so they decided to go to bed in Kara’s room as it was much more comfortable!

Night night Kara
Night night Fred


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