fairy Lucy

My mum has been to stay and started leaving messages for Kara (my 6 year old niece ... just in case you didn't know!) on the patio in chalk, from 'fairy Lucy' and now that she has gone back home, I am having to carry on! It is so lovely to see her excited about finding a message in the morning :)

me & my fairy loving niece.


  1. Rainbow Cottage said...

    what a lovely idea of your mums ;-) and for you to continue it! what a special experience for a little girl!

    Make no apologies on yur blog! It's not dull as you say it what you are feeling and thats what blogs are for to share what you are feeling and to be real! xxxx

    31 August 2009 12:03

  2. thanks Teri, your a star xxx

    31 August 2009 21:31


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