she is ready to take your calls

just had to share these sweet photos of my niece working at my desk ... and yes they are my sunglasses ... 'cos serious work can not be achieved without sunglasses on!


  1. Kate said ...

    There is obviously some serious brainstorming going on in the first photo - you can just feeeel the concentration! Hope she's done some more designs for you to share with us all.

    (I am also quite jealous - how amazingly tidy is your desk?!)

    26th August 2009

    1. haha ... its only tidy cos I had a big blitz on it last week (there is still a pile of stuff to sort just outside the photo! hehe)

      She was drawing a picture of her walking crazy-pup and on the way they met a scarlet butterfly! ... she really is the best niece :)

      26th August 2009


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