waiting for a bus

While waiting for a bus today I was thinking that waiting for a bus is like life ... you wait for ages ... loads of people go past and they seem to have very important places to go and things to do ... sometimes if you wait long enough the go past again, or they pass you on their way back! And you are still waiting. You think, I am sure that it should have arrived by now ... maybe I should start walking, I could have been there by now if I had just walked ... but if I go now I bet one will come and I won't be near a bus stop when it passes. So you wait ... eventually you see one come over the hill and would you believe it there is another one right behind it! Two come at once! Typical!!! I waited over half an hour for a bus today and the moral of the story is don't wait for the bus to arrive ... walk into town ... it only takes 40 minutes anyway!!
This pretty bus stop is in Fowey, Cornwall ... sadly the bus stop I waited at today was not as pretty!


  1. Rainbow Cottage said...

    I love this picture of the bus stop in Fowey. To think I lived years in Cornwall and have never seen it. Is it always like that or was it for a special occasion? It's very shabby chic ;-)

    31 August 2009 12:08

  2. as far as I can remember (it was on the news) they woke up one morning and it was all decked out like this and they didn't know who did it ... I don't know if they ever did, but it was a lovely thing to do wasn't it!

    31 August 2009 21:30


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