Some people love it ~ some people hate it! I know it can be dangerous when driving on, but I am one who loves it ... especially when it is fresh with no footprints in it. It started last night and by the morning our world was white. It was crazy-pup's first experience of snow and she LOVED it ... just wanted to be out in it all the time ... Dilly-dog is a fan too, so it was lovely to watch them play.
I braved it myself this afternoon to go to the Post Office ... it was so lovely on the way home, the sky was a beautiful peachy colour and it made the snow look magical.

If the snow is making you feel Christmassy ... you can see my winter goodies in my shop on Folksy ...
Keep warm!


  1. trinket box said ...

    I like that necklace :)
    I'm not a big fan of snow. I don't mind it if I have the option to go out in it or not - otherwise I'm not over-keen! It is pretty though, I agree :) x

    18th Dec 2009

    1. hehe ... I know what you mean ... I can enjoy it more if I am nice and warm inside!

      18th Dec 2009

  2. niftynits said ...

    I love snow - but I'm not a fan of driving in it.

    21st Dec 2009


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