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It has been ages since I have written anything ... been very busy doing tax returns (left it very late this year ~ slap on wrist ... must be more organised next year!) and opening my NEW ONLINE SHOP!

In my last post I had just got a scrummy pink rose ring from Glitterysah ... well, I can't believe how this looks, but I have been shopping on her lovely site again, but this time its not for me ... honest! I have got this cute little brooch called 'Twinkle' (yep ... pink!) for my nieces birthday at the end of the month. She has suddenly (in the last couple of weeks) become really into Hello Kitty & I have also got her a Hello Kitty makeup bag, so 'Twinkle' will be a perfect addition to the present!

Glitterysah has also included these great hot pink beads & I know that my little niece will have great fun making some jewellery for herself (& maybe me if I am lucky!) with them! Thanks Glitterysah! ~ you can see all of her lovely handmade goodies at

Just had a thought ... its a good job my niece is too young to read this!


  1. glitterysah said...

    :D Awww, such a lovely blog post, am so glad you like Twinkle and the beads, I hope Kara does too! Can't wait to see what she makes with the beads, you'll have to share it with us!

    Sah xxxx

    16 October 2009 10:28

  2. will do :)
    Do you think we have a budding jewellery designer here ... Kara-bean range?

    16 October 2009 10:53

  3. glitterysah said...

    Ooh I bet she'd be great at that! :) can imagine how cute her creations would be!

    16 October 2009 11:17


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