I do believe that Spring has come ... the sun has been shining and the sky full of fluffy white clouds! Day one of March and I am on target ... up feeling bright & breezy ... worked hard ... made a few good choices about having a large glass water of rather than the usual coffee. (this is big for me!!)

Had a lovely walk to the Post Office with Dilly-dog ... apart from the usual of a dog just loving a walk, I think she REALLY loves going there because of the reception we get .... while I was sorting out the post, she spent the whole time having a cuddle and being told how lovely she is .... she should have no problems with her self esteem!

Saw some lovely crocus on the way home, they made me smile .... sunshine really does have a good effect on your mood!


  1. lovely! I love the sun it really lifts your mood! I missed our shopping trip to asda this week cos we pass a park on our way home which would have been full of snowdrops and crocuses!

    Is Dilly allowed in the post office? what fun for her to have such a fuss made of her ;-)

  2. Yeah, they love her in there .... they are dog owners themselves. They also own the shop next door, so sell food in there, but none in the Post Office so doggies allowed.

    Maria xx


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