I've been chatting a lot to my friends fella on msn about tattoos ... he has lots (as does my friend) ... I don't ... not 'cos I have anything against them ... I don't in fact I think they can be amazing ... more because I am a scardy-cat! but in chatting to him about designs I have decided what I would have ... I would want to design it myself as I would want it to be totally unique. I also really love the look of henna tattoos ... so would want it done in just brown ... and I want it on my ankle (he says that doesn't hurt as much as some where like your bum ... this surprised me as I thought it would be worse!)There would have to be a flower somewhere in it and leaves and curly lines!

Isn't this amazing ... I wouldn't have anything as big as this, but I do think it is beautiful!

Who knows ... maybe one day there will be a picture of mine here!!


  1. wow! that is stunning! I'm surprised the ankle hurts less like you I would have thought it would hurt more!

    I have thought about maybe having a tattoo one day but have decided against it for me! definitely wouldn't be able to cope with the pain!!

    would love to see you own design!

    Love Teri xxx


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