sleeping dogs

I washed Dilly-dogs bed at the weekend ... It is the bed she has beside me where I work ... it has taken a few days to dry, even on the radiator. I gave it back to her and she instantly curled up and went to sleep in it ... it had got really squashed, but the wash puffed it right up and she nestled right down in it ... so cute ... with her nose all tucked in!

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  1. aww that's so sweet! Isn't it lovely the way they get attached to things? My Dulcie loves fleece blankets and when I lay one out on my bed she immediately jumps up and settles down on it! It's good that she likes the blankets cos Bess has chewed her way through Dulcie's old beds and even her own bed which makes for sharp edges! I still have the blanket I made Dulcie before I got her but we don't get it out much cos I think it's a bit warm!. I do love Dilly's bed! It's soo pretty! xxxx


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