a :: arty farty, artistic

I thought it may be fun to go through the alphabet and pick words related to me & explain why .... so here is :: a ::

Having an artist for a mother, grandmother & great grandfather (and that's just my mums side!) some of it must have rubbed off onto me. My style is not what I would call fine art though ... I am no good a people ... I am more of a colour, pattern person. I haven't done as much art as I would have like since leaving school. I used to keep a diary and decorate each page with pretty flowers (I was inspired by The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady) and I have painted a few small pictures for greetings card designs, but I would love to be the sort of person that has a sketch book with them at all times!(Some of my un-finished paintings)


  1. you might not be a 'fine artist' but you are very skilled! That thatched cottage is lovely! I wish I could draw well! maybe now you'll have some time to practice being a girl with a sketchbook with her at all times :-) xxx


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