c :: crying, chocolate

I know I haven't been the happiest girl in the world in my life and have cried many tears ... but I am always hopeful that my tears from now on will be tears of joy! My Godmother told me when I was young that my tears were kept in jars in heaven ... God has kept them all as he saw each one fall and cares. I bet I have barrels up there now!

A great companion in my crying has been chocolate! Its probably a good job I don't live near a chocolate factory as I would want to get a job there and would end up as wide as I am tall .... would the constant smell of chocolate in the air make you feel sick after a while? ........... oh and the best chocolate is Cadburys .... with a cup of coffee!


  1. definitely Cadbury's is the best!! here's hoping the tears of joy are just round the corner! xxx


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