bucket list

I slept so well last night ... long may it continue!
I am thinking of writing a 'to do' list or 'bucket list' ... things to do before I die .... I will have a think and then add it to my blog and tick things off when they are done! I am so sick of not living ... just getting through day to day trying to pay bills ... well that's over now ... new life ... new me .......... watch this space! although this month is going to be pretty dull .... I am moving at the beginning of September, so most of this month will be accounts and packing!

I have treated myself to a new knitting bag and needle case from eBay ... They are so pretty I can't wait for them to arrive.

My mum made me a needle case years ago, but its now quite tatty and wasn't in as pretty material as this ...

I don't know if all my knitting will fit in though ;) but at least it gets some of it out of carrier bags!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx