half finished samples

I had a delve in my sewing box today (before I packed it) and pulled out a few half finished samplers ...
This is my take on black-work ... maroon-work! Its for the house I lived in in Cornwall ... a bit more finished then the other sampler, so probably the one I will try and complete first.
This is one from the little terraced house that I was born in (... the date on the sampler is the date my parents moved in, not the date I was born!) ... on one side is dad with my big brother and the other is mum with a pram with me inside! (this was when there was only me & my big brother ... before my other 3 brothers arrived!)
Humm..... I have hardly done anything on this sampler ...
... and I am rather ashamed to admit that this is a sampler I started for my brother and my best friend when they got married .............. 10 years ago! Maybe this should be 1st on my list of projects to complete!!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx