packing samplers

More packing today and have been going around taking down my pictures ... it is funny how you can have things on the walls for years and not look at them. I looked as I was taking them down and remembered all the time that went into making some of my samplers ...
this was done on black material and I made it up as I went along ... my mum really loves this and I made her a smaller one as a gift.
this was a little sampler that I made for my first flat ... it has been in the kitchen of every house I have lived in since ... again, kinda made it up as I went along!
this is a Christmas sampler ... one of the only ones that I have made using a pattern I didn't design myself .... I saw it in a magazine and just loved how Christmassy it was.

Looking at them, and others that I have made, make me want to dig out all the samplers that I have half made and finish them. I started making one for each house I have lived in ... all different styles, but as that's quite a few, most are un-finished!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx