paking lace

I have come to the awkward job of packing up my lace pillows. One of them doesn't have anything in it at the moment, but the other has some lace that I haven't finished (one of those half finished projects I am looking forward to finishing!)

Luckily its not a wide piece that's on there at the moment, but have decided the best way to pack it so it won't get all tangled is to use a knitting stitch holder and thread it through the loops on the spangles at the bottom (knitting stitch holders are an essential tool for lace-makers!!) and then pack it in a box with folded towels on top.

It's not the end of the world if the bobbins get all tangled. When I first started making lace, I was 13 and 2 of my brothers were under 5 and they were always knocking it over and it would take me ages to sort out, especially when I was doing wide lace that required about a hundred bobbins!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx