website facelift

Ok, so I know I am meant to be busy packing ... but I am almost done and I work better under pressure and still have a couple more days before I move ... but I have been playing with my personal website ... wanting to give it a bit of a face lift, but ended up playing a little too much and have 2 face lifts now to chose from! ... I can't decided which I prefer ... please let me know what you think and if you have a favourite ...

The first is wild flowers ...
... and the second is duck egg blue ...
I obviously haven't put much content on them yet as I want to decide which one to continue with first.

I have added a poll <-- or leave a comment and help me decide!
Thank you

I will let you decide while I pack some more bits ... speaking of packing, I seem to have an abundance of extension leads & plastic food boxes! (at least they are both useful things I guess!)


  1. dillydollydaydream said ...

    They are both very pretty but I think I like the second one best :-) x

    29th August 2010

  2. glitterysah said ...

    It's very close, they're both lovely, but personally I prefer the duck egg blue one. Well done! Wish I could do web design like that! xx

    29th Aug 2010

  3. KellyBrett said ...

    I really like the Duck egg blue!

    29th Aug 2010

  4. Decromania said ...

    Both are lovely, but I prefet blue one as well
    3rd Sept 2010


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx