Started the day off well by losing a pound :)

Had a lovely girlie shop in Hereford today ... There were a few ups and downs like mum leaving her purse at home and me wearing shoes that I haven't worn much before ... sore feet and knowing that only flip-flops would help ... I went on the hunt for some sandals ... well not a single shop had any left ... Autumn stock now in ... that was until I went to Accessorize ... they saved my feet as they had a few pairs left ... and as it was Accessorize, they were pretty.
Hereford is a really lovely city, we had a lovely coffee in the cathedral ... there was a pretty little garden there. And there were some lovely shops ... I can't wait to go back and do some Christmas shopping! We did make one friend ... the old cleaner in the shopping centre ... we asked him where Argos was (mum needed a new watch) and he reckoned that we had walked passed it (typical women not noticing!) ... actually we entered the shopping centre from a different direction, but we had a laugh with him ... of course when we needed the loo a few hours later we were told that the shopping centre was the nearest ... of course when we got there we bumped into him again ... he was coming out of them after cleaning them and we joked that we would be back in an hour asking him where something else was!

Anyway it was so lovely day and I was reminded of a very important life lesson ... never go shopping in new shoes!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx