playing with my website and Sam

I have had a lovely relaxing day yesterday with my brother, sister-in-law and little nephew ... he has grown so much in 6 weeks since I last saw him and has changed too ... he is now trying to stand all the time and he is a very happy baby and giggles a lot... its a lovely sound to wake up to!

Dilly-dolly seems to be settling in and last night caught up on some of the sleep she has missed the last week with the move.

and today I have had another lovely day with James, Tanya & Sam ... Luckily its only a few weeks till we see each other again at Samuels Christening ... seeing lots of other family there too :)

It has rained a lot today, typical when dad & James have taken the roof off the shed!

This evening I have been playing with my website. Thank you everyone for all your comments & votes on my website face lift dilemma! The majority of you like the duck egg blue best and I am actually going to follow your advise and go with it! :D ... I haven't got too much on there yet .. still need to re-do my bookshelf section as well as a few others, but I am quite pleased with how its looking at the moment!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx