a chat with TERI from RAINBOW COTTAGE

Teri & I have been friends for many years even though we haven't seen each other for about 5. We keep in touch all the time via texts and the good old internet ... @rainbow_cottage is her twitter name if you want to pop by and say hi, I know she would love it if you do!

8 words that most describe you?
Creative, friendly, kind, caring, patient (mostly) fun ( I hope, that's what Mum said anyway hehe) Stubborn, Messy! that last one made mum and me laugh!

What do you make?

I make lots of things but mostly jewellery and cards. I last made a thank you card and a birthday card at my art group

What new craft would you like to try?

Well in the jewellery making line I would love to try Precious Metal Clay, Umm almost anything else I haven't tried I think, maybe stained glass? Not entirely sure.

What is the best present someone has ever given you?
For my last birthday my Parents commissioned a pastel portrait of my special doggy Dulcie! Something I can treasure forever! And while I'm talking about my doggy she too was a very special gift at a time when I was feeling very sad! I think the doggy beats the portrait :-)

Do you collect anything?

I've been collecting fans since I was about 6/7 I have lots some of which are hand painted and vintage. I started collecting porcelain dolls when I was 18 though sadly they are on top of my wardrobe at present as i have no where to display them and I collect Willow Tree ornaments.

What do you want more than anything right now?
to have my own house again and all the fun of making it a home

Were you named after anyone?
I was the opposite of named after anyone. When my parents were choosing names every one they chose my 7 year old brother would say " you can't have that name there's a girl at school who has that name and I hate her!" Then Mum thought of Tanya but my dad and brother pointed out that being a cockney she would often say " come here and I'll tan ya bottom for ya" My brother and I weren't given middle names but we chose our own later and I chose after much deliberation Emma-Claire.

Whats your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Mint choc chip
I hope you have enjoyed some randomness with Teri. Please check out her lovely shop and blog!


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