a chat with SAH from GLITTERYSAH

I love Sah and all the gorgeous goodies that she makes ... We have been online friends for about 18 months now and you really must check out her shop full of handmade goodies made from pre-loved items.

8 words that most describe you?
ditsy, smiley, glittery, caring, geeky, creative, random and awesome! :)

What do you make?
I make jewellery, bags & purses, belts, hair stuff and occasionally plushies

What new craft would you like to try?
Lots! I'd like to learn proper silversmithery (or whatever the right word is!), proper crochet and knitting (I just make it up as I go along right now), screen-printing, weaving, spinning and pottery are just some of them!

If you were a Mr Men / Little Miss character who would you be?
Little Miss Whoops, I think! I'm always knocking things over, tripping up, saying the wrong thing and burning toast

Do you collect anything?
Tea cups, vintage dolls, my little ponies and miniatures

Do you have any scars? how did you get it?
I have a big one on my knee, from when my little sister broke a milk bottle next to my tricycle and I fell on it, she was about 2 or 3 and I was 4 or 5. I got stitches on the cut but I didn't like them and can remember pulling them out. Gross! So now I have this giant scar that looks a bit like a slug hehe.

What do you want more than anything right now?
To buy a house with the boy and be able to decorate and plant some veggies and get a wee doggy. Right now we rent and although our flat is nice, we can't do anything and have no garden which sucks.

What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour?
Mandarina con fresa (mandarin & strawberry) - I just tried it on holiday last week and it was amazing!!!
I hope you have enjoyed some randomness with Sah. Please check out her lovely shop, blog and you can chat to her on twitter @glitterysah and become a fan on facebook!


  1. Glitterysah said ...

    Awwww Maria, you're lovely!! Thanks so much for the nice things you said in this post - I loved answering your interview questions, loads of fun :) xxx

    14th Nov 2010


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