folksy friday :: LACE

I love lace and making lace ... have been making bobbin lace for over 20 years (ahhhhh how old am I??.... well I did start when I was about 13) I have taught many people and am thinking of teaching it again ... are you interested? let me know!

So this weeks Folksy Friday Collection is LACE!
A ~ Lace Imprinted Heart Button by AMANDA MERCER
B ~ Vintage Lace Lavender Bags by FROM RAGS TO BAGS
C ~ Vintage Lace Wedding Garter by EXTRA SPECIAL TOUCH
D ~ Vintage Lace Jewellery Roll by SARAH ELIZABETH BOUTIQUE
E ~ Vintage Lace Pendant by PENNYDOG JEWELLERY
F ~ Linen & Lace Lavender Heart by PRETTY GOODS

Please pop along and visit their shops for more goodies especially if you are planning a little shopping!
.... and if you would like to learn bobbin lace making and live in Herefordshire, please let me know :D


  1. Sarah Elizabeth Maguire said ...

    Thank you so much for including my jewellery roll in your post! You have a stunning blog, really beautiful and wounder hand picked items. I am looking forward to following your blog from now on. Thank you again. Sarah Elizabeth x

    12th Nov 2010

  2. Sarah Elizabeth Maguire said ...

    * wonderful (What am I like!) all the best. Sarah Elizabeth x

    12th Nov 2010

  3. Debs said ...

    Thank you for including me - I'm following you now, especially as you are a fellow cocker spaniel owner, (and I like the blog too!)
    I have looked at your other blog about Dilly - she's lovely - I have some pics of my Purdy on my blog - pop over and have a look.

    13th Nov 2010

  4. your both very welcome :D
    Debs, Purdy is beautiful ... so cute x


    13th Nov 2010

  5. Heidi said ...

    Thank you for mentioning my vintage lace garters! I'm now following your wonderful blog!

    13th Nov 2010

  6. From Rags To Bags said ...

    Thanks for including my lace lavender bags!

    Great blog Maria.

    20th Nov 2010


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx