I feel Christmassy

... no its not to early! I had such a lovely shopping trip in York with my sister-in-law and we bought some decorations (my one weakness!) to add to our collections!

These are what I bought ... I love the green one that goes in, it reminds me of old ones my mum used to have on her tree :D

There were Christmas logs and cakes in the shops and sparkly bits everywhere!
This has made me think its time to get a few Christmas bits into my shop, so today I have listed a couple of sweet badges ...
... and a cute BABY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS magnet ...
They are available in my Folksy shop.
I hope you are feeling Christmassy too!


  1. Shellybobbins said ...

    wow I love baubles the snow mans lovely and the heart and the snowflake our wedding anniversary shortly the theme was winter wedding ! snowflakes and glitter !! must blog about it then you can see

    christmas is nearly here yeah

    thank you for putting a smile on my face

    love shellybobbins xxx

    1st Nov 2010

  2. Teri said ...

    aww they are lovely! I listened to my first Christmas album of the year on Sunday! very early for me I usually save them til december!

    I know how much you love beautiful christmas decorations and these ones will look beautiful!

    I am hoping to make some this year! We got a cross stitch magazine the other day with some really lovely baubles!

    love Teri xxx

    2nd Nov 2010

  3. Shelly: Thank you for your lovely comments & tweets ... a Christmassy wedding sounds magical ... would love to see some photos!

    Teri: hehe ... well you know how early I listened to Christmas music this year, but don't tell anyone ;)
    Can't wait to see what you make x

    2nd Nov 2010

  4. Teri said ...

    your secret's safe with me :-)

    I'll send you a pic of the baubles from the mag and then when I've done them! Maybe I need to look out some threads and material today! xxx

    2nd Nov 2010


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