a blue dinosaur

I have just finished my Christmas present to my little nephew (look away now Tanya!) ... its a cute blue dinosaur ...
... I am pleased with him and think he is very cute ... just hope my nephew agrees!
... so now I have to decide on my next project ... I love starting new projects, but in the end decided I really must finish some so have dug out this crochet that I haven't touched for a couple of years ... (didn't get much done did I!) It is a cot blanket (its 5 hearts wide, I have only taken a picture of one heart!) its very pretty and I am excited about doing some more on it over Christmas.
... but I have been getting a very cold head when going out in the snow and ice recently, so have taken to borrowing a wide scarf from my mum and wrapping it round my head ... I feel like I am an old woman Eastern Europe in it (although mum assures me I don't look like one!) but I am very snug in it and so when in the wool shop today I spied this HUGE ball of lovely soft wool and thought I could make myself a wide scarf for my head ...
... so it looks like I will be starting a new item after all!
I hope you are all keeping warm and safe in this crazy weather :)


  1. Teri said ...

    awww great post! the dinosaur is very cute! how could Sam not like it! I like the look of the blanket it should grow quite quickly and you get your new project too!

    Have fun! xxx

    20th Dec 2010


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