Christmas tree

We are now officially Christmassy here ... got a huge Christmas tree today and had a lovely afternoon decorating it, its a beast of a tree, 7 foot with berries and cones on it ... luckily I had enough decorations! It did have to go in the sunroom though as its too tall for the living room.
Oh, I really do love Christmas but am not looking forward to taking it all down! It looks soooooo magical.

... and here it is all decorated ...

... some close up of the decorations ...
... and look, the robin I made! ...

Oh, I do love my Christmas tree!
I hope you are all feeling Christmassy and warm :)


  1. Trinket Box said ...

    Beautiful tree!
    We've yet to put ours up, but I'm feeling christmassy already :) I love this time of year. x

    8th Dec 2010


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