finished cushion

Another exhausted day today ... did manage to pick up my scarf from the cinema though which I am pleased about cos I really love it :D
I finished my cushion cover a couple of days ago ... thought you may like to see it ... I am really pleased, its so soft and makes me think of a cosy cottage in winter ... ... this is the front ...
... and this is the back ...
I ran out of the burgundy wool, as you can see on the back there is only one ring of it.
I hope you are all enjoying wintery projects!
Keep warm :)

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  1. Teri said ...

    It's lovely Maria!

    I love the colours and it doesn't matter that there is more burgundy on the front than the back and it would look lovely either side on display!

    I'm quite inspired! not really thought about doing cushion covers in crochet before :-)

    love Teri xxx

    16th Dec 2010

  2. MissDaisies Crafts said ...

    Love the cushion cover so pretty

    19th Dec 2010


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx