home again

We came home today ... so much fog on the way it was like traveling in a weird world ... beautiful though ... had a lovely Christmas seeing my lovely family and apart from half of us having colds it was a really lovely few days, but I am pleased to be home ... and I know that's a lot of lovelies!

was so sweet when we were packing the car ... kept getting in, determined to no be left behind! Not sure how we managed to get everything in, we seemed to be going home with more than we came with ... how is that possible? We arrived with a large turkey!!

I didn't get to go online much so now I am home am catching up on what I have missed in the blogging, twitter & facebook world .......... oh, and my shops are open again if you have any Christmas money and want to treat yourself!

I got some really lovely gifts ... here are a few of them ...
... the chocolate mushrooms are a joke from my brother 'cos I am on a diet ... they are the yummiest chocolates! ...
... the little purse is perfect for putting jewellery in when I am away ...
... French perfume ... one of my sisters-in-law is French so its lovely getting a little luxury! ...
... some pretty bits! ... have you ever seen such a pretty calculator?

I have managed to get some crochet done while I was away ...
... I have used up all the wool and its perfect for a normal size scarf but I want this to be a wide one for when its very cold so will be getting another ball tomorrow!

... I did some more of my cream crochet, but the new rows that I did seemed more square that the ones from before that I did a few years ago ... (more square is better) so as I had another ball with me, I decided to start again and then compare rather than un-do it all and find that the new crochet ended up looking the same as the old crochet ... so far, so good ... lovely and square!
... can you believe its nearly over all ready ... in a few of days it will be 2011 and the tree will be coming down :(

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas ... another brother, his wife and baby niece are coming for New Year, so should be another lovely weekend!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx