my weekend

The wireless on the internet router went on Friday ... at first I thought it was my laptop ... but when all the computers couldn't connect we realised it was the router ... could only go online when connected by a wire, which isn't practical!... went to get a new one and guess what, that one was faulty, wouldn't connect at all! Spent yesterday visiting my brother, sister-in-law and cute niece, who I can't believe is 3 months old already and its so lovely to see Robin with a baby.

... Today I went to a craft fair (as a visitor) in a lovely old House called Hampton Court (not the one in London!!) ... I definitely want to visit it again .... its a beautiful old place with lovely grounds. There is a lake there that was totally frozen over ...

We had a look at some pretty bits and I treated myself to a lovely star Christmas tree decoration ... we also exchanged the internet router for a new one and YEY!! we have connection ... its so good to be back (although I have had my iPhone to help me stay connected a bit!)

... and what have I been making while I couldn't waste time on the internet? .... a pretty pink flower ...
... not sure what I am going to use it for yet, but I had fun making it!
I hope you have all had a great weekend!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx