7 things

'7 things you didn't know about me' .... this is actually quite hard ... but here we go ...

1. I love traveling, especially at night ... I love seeing the lights from far off houses and wondering what's going on there ... I think about other people in cars we pass and wonder if they are on their way home to their family ... I love it even more in the winter when people have their Christmas lights up ... totally magical!
2. When I was a little girl I wanted to work in a zoo ... especially with the elephants ... I still LOVE elephants and how families are important to them and they have 'nanny' that help look after their babies. We used to live next door to Bristol Zoo and would wake to hear the lions roar ... I would love to see elephants in the wild ... its on my 'to do' list! For my 21's birthday, my auntie gave me 21 elephant presents ... it was lovely :D
Then as I grew up I wanted to be a clothes designer or make costumes for films ... I would still like to do that or work on building sets for films!

3. My favorite story as a child was Beauty and the Beast. It still holds a special place in my heart and is my favorite fairy tail ... and yes, roses are my favorite flower and scent! I think being beautiful on the inside is so important. The more we are beautiful on the inside, the more our beauty shines out of us.
4. My middle name is Joy .... I used to hate it cos when I was little and not happy, my mum used to say 'Where's Joy gone? we only have Maria' I hated it. But joy is actually a beautiful word ... it isn't just happy and frothy, it is a deep emotion that just fills you and pours out of you. It is like cherry jam in your tummy ... and I now love it.

5. For over a month (Dec & Jan 1999 I think it was) I washed my clothes in the local river and bathed there too! ....................... I was in the Caribbean at the time! I also spent Christmas day at an airport.
6. I once made a voluminous dress for a fashion show, out of dustbin bags ... it was worthy of Scarlett O'Hara!

7. When I grow up I want to be just like my mum ... she is the best mum in the world and the most patient and generous person ever (unless you are in a queue ... then she isn't patient!)
This is her taken this New Year with my baby niece ........... I say when I grow up cos I am only 34 at the moment! hehe!


  1. Teri said ...

    This is lovely Maria. I like the way you talk about what they mean to you. Thanks for tagging me too :-) and even though I know you well there were things there I didn't know! :-) xxx

    24th Jan 2011

    1. aww thanks Teri, glad I managed to find somethings you didn't know!
      Maria x

      24th Jan 2011

  2. Trinket Box said ...

    Yay! I love these kinda things - thanks for tagging me :)
    It's so lovely finding things out about people - but maybe I'm just nosey! I always wonder what's happening in other people's houses too [glad I'm not the only one hehe] and I want to see this dustbin bag dress! :D

    24th Jan 2011

  3. Rebecca said ...

    Joy is a beautiful name. My middle name is 'May' and I didn't used to like it when I was little, as people used to laugh at me and ask why I was named May when my birthday is in March! But I love it now too :-) Thanks for tagging me! x

    28th Jan 2011


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