wool gleaning on Burcher Common

I had a lovely walk this afternoon at Bircher Common, Herefordshire. I had never been there before and it was the perfect afternoon for a walk ... the sky was blue, the air was crisp and the view there is amazing. Dilly-dog had a lovely time too ... she wasn't at all bothered by the sheep and kept her distance, in fact she preferred to go under the gorse bushes and into the wood :)

Lots of sheep meant lots of wool ... and I can't help but pick it up as I walk along ... it was everywhere ...

... just lying on the ground ... attached to bits of wood and caught on the gorse (I didn't get that wool ... too prickly!) ... I collected it in my hat!

I ended up with quite a big pile ... it is currently soaking in some warm water and soap ... still need to remove a lot of twigs and leaves that are still attached, but I am thinking of making some greetings cards with it ... watch this space!

I hope you had a lovely Sunday afternoon x


  1. Teri said ...

    haha can't believe that this post is still about wool if not crochet! lovely views though it's been overcast here which hasn't helped my mood! Glad Dilly had fun too and wasn't worried by the sheep! My too would be rounding them up I'm sure efficiently! xxxx

    30th Jan 2011

    1. hehe ... I know ... I can't help it!
      Maria x

      31st Jan 2011


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