this year

So what have I been up to so far this year?
  • Well I have given my website a bit of a face lift ... so that includes this blog and all my other places to match ... although I am still working on some of them, including my site which isn't yet finished.
  • I have been making invites for my brothers wedding at the end of May.
  • I have been doing a lot (and I mean A LOT) of crochet ... well it is the winter and the perfect time to make blankets, scarves and other cosy things!
  • I have had some ideas for photo projects that I would like to do ... mostly involve trees and plants.
  • I have lost the weight I put on before Christmas, so now is the time for serious dieting ... only 15 weeks till Luke & Ruth's wedding! AHHHH! hehe
  • I have had lots of cuddles and smooches with my gorgeous doggy-woggy as well as lots of lovely walks.
  • I have found joy in making cards again ... for fun!
  • I have met up with a friend I haven't seen for 5 years!
  • I have deleted a lots of old emails that were just hanging around my inbox ... there still seem to be a lot there though .... think I will have to have another bash at it!
  • I am a little bit more organized ... but still not written my bucket list ... must get on that!

Well I hope you like my new-look blog and please check out my website but remember its not finished yet so don't judge too harshly :S

Hope you are having a good year so far x


  1. all this sounds really positive even if you haven't been keeping up with your blog this year :-) love the new look xxx

  2. Thank you Teri, I'm glad I managed to (mostly) do last year ... I am taking the pressure off this year!
    Maria x


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