a visit to Croft Castle

Had a lovely walk this afternoon at Croft Castle, Herefordshire. I had never been there before and although a little chilly it was perfect ...

There is an iron age hill fort at Croft Ambrey near by which is where we walked ... on the way we went through a field with cows ... not just any cows ... one of these cows was the nosiest cow I have ever heard ... she never stopped moooing and making some very noisy groaning noises ... and NO she wasn't about to just give birth ... this is her ... the very vocal cow!

In the field the cows were in there were rows of trees, mum told me that they are Spanish Chestnuts and are about 400 years old ... the do look very old ...

 ... all twisty and dry .... quite amazing!

After walking through a bit of woodland (which sadly had signs saying keep dogs on lead ... seemed a bit unnecessary, but I guess they had a reason for it) we came out to the iron age hill fort ... sheep live there now ...

... but there are stunning views across to Wales

Well worth a visit if you and remember to take your camera!
Hope you have had a lovely Saturday x


  1. it looks lovely! That tree is AMAZING!! I hope you managed to get lots of FV pics! It looks like the perfect place for them :-)xxx

  2. oh and what a shame you didn't go there last week! I'm betting the close up of the tree probably would have been your favourite for the wood theme :-) xxx

  3. hehe ... yeah there were some amazing trees ... would have taken more pics except there were lots and lots of cows and dilly was quite scared :S
    Thank you for your lovely comments.
    Maria x


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