Dilly got tagged ... 7 things

Dilly got tagged by my friend Teri to let you know 7 things you didn't know about her ... there are the obvious things like she never terminates a cuddle and that she loves me ... and everyone she meets ... but she has managed to thing of 7 deep dark secrets about her ...

1. I am an angel on a mission sent by God to my mummy as she needed me. My cuddles are magical and they always make her feel better. I stay with her, in what ever room she is in, just in case she needs a lick or a cuddle, or even just a look to let her know that I am there and love her.
2. I put my ears in curlers every night so in the morning I have the most amazing ringlets on my ears.
3. Although a lot of you think that my mummy probably writes this blog for me, I do write it myself!
4. I want to be a geologist when I grow up. I often bring rocks home from my walk and bury them in the garden so I can keep them safe for later.
5. When everyone goes out and I am alone in the house, they think I just curl up on the bed by the window and wait for them, but I am actually writing a book about the best place to hide your bone.
6. My pedigree name is Briarcarn Fancy That.
7. If you want to teach me a new trick, I will do anything for cheese!

I am now going to tag Teri's dog Dulcie


  1. Teri Coleman said...

    hahaha I love it! Dulcie says thanks for tagging her but she thinks she's going to have a tough job coming up with secrets as good as these! love Dulcie's Mummy xxxxx


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