dress dreaming

I have 3 events (so far) this year that I want to look nice for ... now I usually decide a few days before what I am going to wear to a wedding and then panic 'cos I don't have anything, but this year I want to be organized ... so I am going to keep my eye out from now on!

My first scouring of the internet has found some lovely choices ...

At the end of May is my brother wedding. This beautiful dress is from Nomads and I would LOVE it!
The second event is a wedding blessing in June. This pretty outfit is from White Stuff ...
and the third event is another wedding ... this time my cousin ... this stunning dress is from Next and perfect for the summer!
I will need to do a bit of saving of my pennies and I am not going to get anything till a lot nearer the time, but am very taken with these 3 dresses :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx