weaving and cross-stitch

Ok, so it is fair to say that I have found the weaving over the last few days very relaxing .... this is what I made last night ... its a cream wool sampler ...
I added some beads to the weft threads (the threads that do the work going across) so I have a couple of rows with beads on ...
..... I wonder if I make enough we can have them all over the walls and save on some heating!

I discovered my art folder with paintings and drawings in from school in it today. Inside I had also packed my cross stitch samplers and work that is currently un-framed. I think they will stay unframed for a bit longer till I can get frames and have the room for them :)

This was done back in 1994 when I was about 17 ... I was very into elephants ... it used to be framed ...
... I am not sure I would ever have it up again, but I don't want to throw it away as a lot of work went into it .... maybe if I have a baby it could go in the nursery!

This was done the following year (1995)
... I had a tiny pair of china clogs with blue windmills on that my Gran bought back from Holland for me and I thought this would look lovely with them .... not sure what happened to the clogs .... and not sure if I want this still, but can't bring myself to throw it away!

I'm not sure when I made this season sampler ... around the same time as the previous two ... I think the pattern was from a magazine.
... and these samplers are part of my 'sampler for each house I have lived in' collection ...
We lived in Bristol for a couple of years when I was young ... the symbols on it all represent something ... the obvious ones are the elephant ~ we lived next to the zoo ... and the anchor ~ The SS Great Britain! (the year on it is the year we lived there, not the year I made it as I was only about 6)
... this is one of my favourites and I did make it while I was living there, it was a little annexe in Truro, Cornwall when I was about 20 ... I had a rabbit and guineapig while there, so they are featured!

some things I have seen this week ...


  1. miss daisy said ...

    thats really pretty my daughter got a little weaving loom for xmas we've still to try it out so might be an easter holiday project :)
    If your interested theres a link up on a friends blog on thursdays for anything handmade http://whitelilygreen.blogspot.com/ would be great to see your makes linked up x

    13th March 2011


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