weaving catch up and class 4

I am so excited ... I have just bought a loom off eBay ... it hasn't arrived yet and I am hoping we have room for it! Here it is ...
 ... it may need a bit of cleaning etc, but I can't wait for it to arrive!

I have been doing a little more on my inkle loom ... making a bag strap for one of my mums bags ... all good practice .... not my favourite colours, but they match the bag ...

It is nice to make something for something, not just cos I want to do a bit of weaving :)

And tonight was class 4 of my weaving course, last week we warped up the looms ... that's putting very long threads on them ... and this week we had a go at patterns and textures ... this is mine so far ...

The natural wool at the bottom won't stay there, that is just to get good spacing at the beginning.
You can just see some of the patterns I have done, I am really pleased and it makes me even more impatient for my loom to arrive.
Next week is the last week :( and we will be doing more patterns and then taking them off the looms as little samples.


  1. Teri said ...

    looking good! I bet it loads of fun! I'm expecting you to start me off on a card loom when I visit! if we can fit it inbetween nattering hehe maybe your new loom will have arrived by then :-)xxx

    31st March 2011


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