weaving :: class 1

A funny thing happened last week. For the last couple of months I have been toying with the idea of getting a weaving loom again. I used to have a lovely kids wooden one, but I sold it years ago as I hadn't used it since I was a teenager. I had had a look on eBay and amazon, and even asked in the local toy shop as I figured that a kiddies one was all I wanted to get me back into it. They toy shop didn't have any in, but said come back after Thursday as that was when the rep was coming in. Well that was a few weeks ago and last week I was in town with my mum and thought I would pop in to to the toy shop to see if they had any ... forgetting it was Wednesday, and that lots of shops close on Wednesday, and it was closed. Now a little way on from the toy shop ... not far, about 6 shops on, is a craft centre where. As we were passing, mum noticed that in the window there was a weaving course starting (!!!) on the 10th March for 5 weeks ......... so I signed up!

The first one was tonight ... there were 8 of us and it was lovely ... I did come home feeling like a 5 year old .... 'look what I made at school today!'
It was basic weaving tonight ... some free weaving on a card loom using material and wool (there was also other things, like straws, pipe cleaners, card, plastic that you could use, but I prefer the material and wool.)

Not sure what I am going to do with it now though, but I am pleased with the whipping at the top. My colours were a bit dictated by the colour of the warping (get me with the technical names .... thats the up and down threads!!) as they were already on the card.

I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks though as we are going to use Inkle looms (??? sound like ickle looms ... are they very small??) Heddle looms (?? again no idea!) Table looms (now I know what they are, cos they are like the kiddie one I was going to get!) and doing lots of different things with weft's (humm again, no idea!!)

I hope you have all had a good evening ... my home work is to make a round mat on a card loom .... will show you when it's done :S


  1. Teri said ...

    oooh lovely! Don't you love the way things come together at the right time? I can't wait to see what else you make! Maybe you could show us how to make card looms to have a go with you :-) Are you going to research those looms and the weft or just wait and see? Hope you have lots of fun! xxxx

    10th March 2011

    1. hehe .... good idea ... I may just do that! we could all make table mats ... I know the weft is the thread that does the weaving ... that goes the other way from the warp ... what I meant by no idea, is all the things we would be doing with it!
      Maria x

      10th March 2011


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